Health Coaching

I offer a unique approach to health coaching by focusing on each client as an individual with their own unique needs according to their personal lifestyle. It's the idea of Bio-Individuality, where each person has different needs in the area of food, physical activity, relationships, career, & spirituality.  I help my clients discover what feeds their unique needs.  

I provide each client with guidance tailored to their situation and create a strong support system for them.  Most diet and exercise plans are extreme, therefore my plan is to take a much gentler approach with my clients for life-long results by helping them set small, easily attainable goals to reach their BIG goals.  

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I host workshops that will cover a range of health topics. I will make announcements of when and where they will take place, and also, which health topic will be covered.  

Grocery Store Tours

I personally meet with clients in their local grocery store to guide them on how to shop for healthy products, where to find them, which foods to avoid, what to look for on nutrition labels, etc.*  

*This service is for clients who are in the Reno, Sparks, & Carson City, Nevada area. 

I also provide this service in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will announce which dates I will be available there.

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