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Water is the Best Natural Remedy

Water is absolutely essential to our bodies. We may think we are hydrated and oftentimes we’ll ignore the signs of dehydration. But I get it, drinking water gets boring right? When an app tells us how much water we should be drinking, we feel like we are drowning and can’t keep up.

Hydration doesn’t just come from drinking water, we also absorb water from foods, such as fruits and vegetables. An apple, for instance, is juicy when you bite into it because it contains 84% water. A watermelon contains 92% water (hence its name), and a cucumber contains 95% water!

The benefits of water are:

o Hydrated, younger looking skin; prevents wrinkling

o Flushes out wastes & toxins

o Lubricates your joints & muscles

o Regulates body temperature

o Maintains blood pressure

o Boost energy

o Prevents kidney damage

o Helps dissolve essential vitamins & minerals for absorption

o Clears brain fog & headaches

o Prevents hangovers (or at least lessens the feeling of terrible)

Next time you feel groggy or have a headache, drink a glass of water! It's a cure-all!

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