• Jessie

5 Minute Meal

Now this is what I call a well balanced meal. I’m all about making quick meals, and this is one of go-tos. I'm not a vegetarian, but I definitely do enjoy a vegetarian meal that is still packed with plenty of protein.

• Ingredients: 2 Powerseed Organic Bread 1 tbsp Ghee 3oz Organic Braised Tofu Organic Pea Sprouts 1 Organic Tomato Salt & Pepper • Total nutritional info: 44g Carb 21g Fat 27g Protein • Toast the bread, and spread the ghee. Apply thinly sliced tofu, a hefty pinch of pea sprouts, sliced tomato, and salt & pepper. I honestly really like sprinkling a little of garlic powder too. The fat helps the carbohydrate to absorb slowly into the blood stream preventing blood sugar spike and sustainability of energy. The protein feeds the muscles directly with the help of the carbohydrates, and also keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied for a longer time. Super yummy! And this literally only takes about 5 minutes to make.

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