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What motivates you?

This is what reminds me to stay motivated every single day. There was a point in my life where I was completely unmotivated. I would get gung-ho about starting a new diet or exercise and it would literally last about 3 days max. I wasn’t able to commit to my health and because of that it had a negative effect on my mental health, ultimately creating a vicious cycle of feeling paralyzed and unmotivated. I think one of the problems was setting high goals, which is okay, but I expected them to be achieved overnight. That’s completely unrealistic and harmful. I had to get real with myself and realize that being healthy takes time and effort for the long run. I was unhealthy for so many years meaning it’s going to take my body a decent amount of time to become healthy. Once I got into this mindset (which took a long time to get there, believe me), everything became easy. Now my health and wellbeing is the most important focus in my life.

I really had to figure out what motivates me. I’m type 1 diabetic, so that in it is motivation enough. The lifespan of a type 1 diabetic is much shorter than the average. For men, it cuts their lives by 11 years, for women 13 years. It comes down to either life or death, if you think about it. If I have poor control of my blood sugars, then I will definitely die early, but if I have control, I live longer, happier, and healthier. If someone doesn’t take care of himself or herself, they have a higher probability of dying sooner because of disease, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, etc. If someone lives a healthy life, they have a much lower probability of dying early. I feel like this is motivation enough to maintain healthy habits. For me, having diabetes motivates me. For others it could be to prevent disease, or cure themselves from an existing illness, or simply to live as long as they can for their children. Even if the motivation is to fit into that one dress or pair of jeans, you are still striving for a healthier life, and that’s what’s most important! Take the time to write down or think about what motivates you, and ask yourself why. Dig deep into the reason and you’ll feel the fire ignite in you.

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